My latest work

Okay so I was kinda bored yesterday and there’s a winter tradition in my city where one of the local newspapers hides a medallion out in one of the public parks, they post clues daily for a week and a half and reward the finder of the medallion a cash prize.

Anyways, the paper’s logo for the hunt is a snowman holding a magnifying glass looking at the ground (presumably hunting for the medallion) and I thought it’d be interesting to model it in blender. Almost thought it would work for the weekend challenge, but changed my mind thinking it wasn’t too spy related. All the same, I posted it on a discussion forum in town and they liked it enough they wanted to use it on their website made for the hunt. So it was cool to have some positive feedback :slight_smile:

So here’s the image, it took me about an hour to do. All the colors and textures were done in blender, so this ones 100% pure


I like the scene. If I may I would add some (hopefully constrictive) criticism:

1 - The snow balls are well done, as well as the snowscape, but the material is not very snowy, maybe try to add some granulosity to the Spec.

2 - The coal buttons are nice, but the carrot could be modelled better.

3 - The hat is nice, but it isn’t smooth on the sides… I can see tha cylinder faces!

4 - The arms are the weakest part as for modelling. They do not resemble tree branches much.

5 - Lightning too is very basic. More light, a back light? A faked GI?

I’ve made something similar, before Christmas

That’s was 1h work too, so it is far from being perfect, but there is GI, and brancy arms…

Keep Blending!


very nice
s68 pretty much covered the crits =D

i think some particle snow would really add to this scene too!

I agree with previous posters, and would add a suggestion, based on S68.

If you go with a GI sphere, make it light things with a light blue. Then add a key light to simulate sun. Snow has a very distinctive look outside - very blue in the the shadows and orange-yellow in contrast when hit with natural light.