My latest work...

Hi all!

This is my latest work all done in blender!
It’s an old diving helmet. It took about 1 hour to model, and about 20 mins to shade and light (most of it was done by an HDR image)
Hope you like it! :yes:


Hey bonrw1, the helmet looks nice. I modelled one of these myself some time ago and I found it difficult to find good reference images. Did you find any suffcient images?

I like the combination of the colors. The golden helmet and the red platform are very catchy. There is room for improvement, though. How about modelling a bit more of the environment? Or you could use a background image to have a bit more atmosphere and environment.

Nice work. Keep 'em coming :slight_smile:

Woah, a comment from a blender master! :smiley: thank you very much! I think I needed more reference images for this one…I will give it another shot though!I will also tweak the shaders…I need to get a good copper looking material…

Thank you once again, and I will post an updated image ASAP! :slight_smile: