My latest works

Update: scroll down a couple of posts to see more recent images!!

HEre’s some stuff, rerenders of old projects and new things:
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EDIT: there was one more file i wanted to upload but it didn’t work :confused:


Love the artwork mate, favourite is the tree man thing on left, love it :slight_smile: well done keep it up

Its some amazing work, but in the first picture the pen, background and drawing look as if its from a photo but those markers just look a little too boxy like you forgot to add subsurf or somthing (this one is still my fave thou). Other that that it is grate and I am wondering where you learned to make trees so good.

Thank you guys :slight_smile:
Hehe the background in the first image IS a photo, the stuff behind the table…

For the tree I just model it from a box with subsurf , and use a particle system for leaves.

I love the tree on the head… what are your thoughts behind that image? the texture on the tree trunk and the leaves are keeping it from being perfect though…

It was just an image that popped into my head, and it had to be done… :slight_smile:

Oh and here is the image I meant to upload but it didn’t work for some reason:

Absolutely amazing :slight_smile:

Very nicely done… they all are great!