My learning thread!

Aha - interesting character design - I like it as well.

@Mokazon - I cant wait to see it textured also.
@SolarLune - Thanks, I try to keep it intresting.

I imported a mesh, I cant figure out how to move the manipulator. Any ideas? Im going to be asking a lot of noobie questions regarding blender so please bare with me through this process.


You just left click (or is it right click?) on any of the three arrows on the gizmo you have pictured. Alternatively, press the G-key to grab the item and move it about. You can isolate an axis by pressing the axis names’ key (X-key, Y-key, or Z-key after grabbing). Also, you can type in a value to move it by that mount on the axis specified.

If some of the walls are see through, select them and Ctrl + N to fix it. If this wasn’t already answered.

mwgrafx: if you mean move the manipulator to the center of the object, push: alt + ctrl + shift + c (in blender 2.5) it’ll open up a box where you can move it to cursor position, mesh center, or move the mesh itself to center on the object

The game is looking cool! Keep posting!

Thank you all for the responses! I got it fixed thanks for the help. I will continue to keep posting. Right now Im in the stages of blocking it out. Then I will start to build the assets to flesh it out.

Here is another character for the level. I will finish texturing this guy, then the other guy and continue on with the level. Critiques are welcomed.

Man I really like your work but with the second character I think you should exajurate he’s features because right now he seems nither here or there. He’s upper body is proportionally bigger than the lower and his head relatively big which gives him a caricature like quality that can give personality to a character. But I feel it’s still too subtle on this character you should try experimenting some more with the proportions and see if you can make his personality have more of statement.
Sorry if I sound harsh. But you can ignore what I sed…:rolleyes:

woah! just checked into this thread and it looks awesome! keep up the good work!

wow it looks great :slight_smile: reminds me of the movie ‘9’

Sorda like megaman but looks a lot better.

Well. It seems you have good modeling skills, and a good imagination. So lets hear the story of this game, and what type. If there is one. I believe you said it was a walkthrough. Could’ve been a different thread. I don’t remember…lol.

Yeah, id love to have something like this in my game… i think ill work on that (a similar person)

@@11123 Thanks for the critique! I’ll see if I can spice it up a little.

@mokazon - Thanks for the support. My son had the same comment.

@jovan214 - I love megaman, but that’s not where I got this inspiration from. It is going to be heavily inspired by Torchlight.

@turbomonkey - It is just a walk through level. I want him to be able to move around, jump, fight enemies, so on and so forth. It’s more or less a demo level to learn blender (EyeCandy). A game is way to ambitous for me right now. Blender is not my main 3D app. I just want to learn it, because it seems capable enough like other software.

@ShingWanTin - I’m glad you like it. It makes me happy that it inspires others. Good luck!

Well. Welcome to the community. This is definitly the place to learn about Blender. I’ve been using Blender, and the BGE for about six months. I’ve learned more about the BGE since I joined these forums two months ago.