My Library

so, I’m a nooblet, more easy, imposible :p, and I don’t know how to illuminate a scene, I’m trying but for some reason does not look as I want; some times is darker or to much light.

My last work is this library scene and I wanna know if is good enlightened or not. Well I can finish this as a final result, but better hear a second opinion. What you think? throw your critics.

PD: yes! english is not my natal tongue :slight_smile:

night version:

day light version


Is natural a picture with noise if you only use one light source as a lamp or an external HDRI. You need fake-hidden lamps, for example a big plane emitting light. Doing that, you will get less noise and more control for the ilumination.

the violin (or viola) looks too big to me

I’ll take in mind next time