My life

I am designing a desk to fit in the space between my book shelf and my dresser…while working on it I decided to just model my whole room…and then I thought why not model my whole life…so this is the begining of a series I call “My Life”…it will start with my room then move onto my whole house…then my car, etc…so without further delay I present to you my room…

My next steps are to put sheets and such on the bed, books on the book shelf, my alarm on the night stand, and handles on the dresser drawers. C&C welcome thanks in advance to anyone who cares to reply :wink:

I am designing a desk to fit in the space between my book shelf and my dresser
thats a very small dresser

lol demensions for the dresser are 16’’ deep 33’’ wide and 44’’ tall

A small update…I started with the handles but not quite finished, pillows, and blanket on the bed…Im not sure why it has that funky shadin at the top of the blanket Ill check it out…Im gonna finish the dresser handles and put in the closet and the doors next.

C&C welcome

very nice. I tried this one time but I got bored with it REAL quick. Took me about 20 minutes to realize that it wasn’t worth it. Of course, I wasn’t smart enough to use the actual demensions of the room :slight_smile:

Nice work. Textures?

Looks cool. I started on modelling my room but never continued it. I have basic shapes of all objects but no detail whatsoever. Did you try to recalculate the normals on that pillow?

Here is another small update. I got the closet made and the doors but I need to remodel them because they are not exactly to scale. Thanks for all the coments. I did try to recalc normals and flip normals and all that and thats the best I cant get it I up the subsurf on it to 3 from 2 and it reduced it quite a bit. Yea I tried modeling my living room a while back but got bored. Now Im going in and out of my room measuring everything and calculating it to my scale in blender and it is quite fun actually. Well here they are one pic with the closet doors one without.

C&C welcome

I’ve tried this too. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to measure everything and make all the objects to scale. Plus, there’s way too much crap in my room to model.

No crits so far. Just waiting for you to texture this beast. :wink: This is gonna be an interesting final product if you stick to it. I’ll definitely be following it.