My light saber

I’ve been using blender for a few months now but I haven’t done much. Anyway I’m using blender 2.46rc1 and this is my light saber. I know I need a better handle I’m working on that now.Any critiques or comments would help.


Looks good! One thing to make the render look better is to get rid of that default background color. It is so overused :D. and when the handle gets fixed this should look really nice. Good luck!

Here’s what I’ve got now. I’m not really a good texturer if anyone knows how to make realistic metal I’d love it


Turn down the specular and turn off subsurf.

Subsurf was never on but it looks better with lower specular.


hey man great job!!:cool: heres mine! no one really commented on it so i gave up and started on something else:( it was just a practice, but i started with a cylinder and just extruded, subdivided and made it big and small. (s key) have fun!:smiley:


WOW:D that is much better than mine. I wish I could make that.

Personally, I think that your beam is better and trueblues700’shandle is better, if you combine them you would get a kick-ass lightsaber!!

Your handle looks to smooth. Try pressing the auto smooth button and expirement with the angle setting. It should help give a bit more sharp detail to it.

What’s with all these lightsaber projects? This is fourth quite recent thread about lightsabers.

I dunno I guess I just thought it would be cool to make an animation with two people fighting with lightsabers or swords.

Here’s mine:
Just followed blade tutorials.

Are you sure? Seems odd that you got that smooth rounded look without subsurf. That’d be hard to reproduce by hand.

But either way, those ‘bumps’ need to be given some sharper edges. If you look at the ones from the movies, for example, the only smooth part is the actual cylinder, the rest is very sharp and square and angular.

You should add a harder white core on the blade. That’s how the movie’s lightsabers look like.

I’d recommend whitening the core of your blade some. Other than that, I’d say it’s coming together nicely.

My lightsaber:
See the white core?
You should add multiple and better materials and a better background to your model.