My Lightcycle of sorts. Updated Blends included.

Hello all, just wanted to post a half hour’s worth of work for some c&c. I’m modeling a Lightcycle type bike. Keep in mind I’m not going for accuracy, just what I have in my head. So, thus far I have the front tire, the hubcaps, and the front forks done. I hope to for starters finish the bike, and also come up with a nice emit material that creates a soft light effect without really causing the other faces around the lights to change color (I’ve had that problem in the past.)
I’m still deciding if I should model a bike that has a closed cockpit like in the movie, or for something open, so that’s that. If someone wants to donate some reference photos like the ones below that would be great.
I’ve also included the .blend file of my work so far. It might not be much, but I’ll keep uploading as the models becomes more complex.
So, here it is!


Lightcycle of sorts.blend (369 KB)

good start, ill be around this thread!