My lighting tutorial (B. Internal) -> Part1 released (html)


First off, I didnt know where to put this topic… tutorial section is for made tutorials only, there’s a texturing & lighting section and a separate compositing & rendering, this is something in between with general discussion as well :stuck_out_tongue: well… hopefully it’ll serve it’s purpose here :wink:

I’ve been using blender for quite a while now and thought that maybe i could write a tutorial and share a bit of experience with You. It would be my first tutorial as well so I’ll learn a lot making it, especially from your feedback.

But back to the topic. I’ve seen nearly none tutorials/guides about lighting in Blender (especially Blender Internal) so I’d like to give that one a go. And that’s where You come in. I’d like to know if the community wants or maybe even needs such a tutorial, because if there’s no demand there’s no point right ? :slight_smile:

My rough idea is making 5 parts of the tutorial which i’ll release separately:

For each of them I’d provide a simple scene (except the car studio, I’ll attach a proper car model) to start with so I dont have to talk about modelling.

TEASER: The 1st part would conclude with these 2 renders (day light and something ;] )

All of the tutorials will base on the current SVN due to lots of new features and changes in how lights behave. I’d sum up the differences between 2.45 and current SVN in the 1st part as well.

Ok so I need to know 3 things

  • should i start writing
  • which part would You like to get 2nd (1st will be the general part)
  • which form do You prefer: HTML / PDF

thx for the feedback

  • Kroni

PS. To moderators: Sorry for the requested topics in the tutorial section… i didnt get the idea at first glance :frowning:


Yes please!
Interior for me.
PDF is best for me. - 1 File, it always displays the same from pc to pc, bookmarks + attachments.

While I wouldn’t mind tutorials on all four specialties, I think interior would be the most useful for the most people. I know it would be for me. PDF is a nice format, but I don’t have a problem with HTML either.

This sounds great. As I remember there is no really specialised and in depth tutorial concerning lighting. Thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:

Yes! but no PDF!!! We have a Tutorialswiki set up just for this. We are trying to get all tutorials off people’s individual web sites where it is all fragmented and forgotten and into the wiki. Please sign up and become a wiki author and contribute to the Blender documentation project. Thank you!

Please build on the existing BSOD Lighting Tutorial.

you forgot a voting slot for “All of the above” :stuck_out_tongue:

I vote for outdoor lighting.


Was just looking for somthing like this earlier today. Lighting of interiors would be great. As the new svn features like blured reflections and refractions and sampling on different lamp types has fuled my interest in using blender internal renderer for achitetual visualisation, this sounds great.

Thanks in advance

you forgot a voting slot for “All of the above” :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup. For sure.

@PapaSmurf: I’m lazy to learn all about wiki, but i wrote some for my students. I’ll keep on writing more, and i want to contribute on the wiki. I think it’s time… :wink:

Thx for the feedback everyone :slight_smile:
I guess i better start writing :stuck_out_tongue: and btw. the choice was about the most important … i’ll try to cover all those topics sooner or later, but I wanted to know what would You like to read about first. So i guess it’ll be interior lighting :slight_smile:

It’ll probably conclude with this (sorry for the noise… i need to buy myself a new pc ;] )

Thx for the info, didnt even think of the blender wiki :slight_smile:
I’d prefer a “stand-alone” version that i could embed somewhere on my website for example, so I’ll try to make 2 versions: the normal HTML and wiki, it shouldn’t be hard to convert between the two.

Yeah, a lot of improvements in SVN. IMHO all the new sampling options are great but the thing that i think really pushes blender into architectural rendering is the area light diffuse fix, which was posted some time ago.
Finally both the shadow and the diffuse is affected by area light size/shape which is extremely important when you’re putting a huge area light in a window to light the room with soft sky diffusion.


  • Kroni

Oh God I would love too. Make it obsessively detailed. Make Pinhead teach me I don’t care: I am so poor at this.
Papa; he could fit it in the Wike and link to a PDF from it, like MADCello did for most of the BSoDs. Could he?
@ kroni:

it shouldn’t be hard to convert between the two.

the wiki uses special markings and stuff but can use most simple HTML.
Anyway I’ll be glad to edit whatever little there’s left to conform the wiki style as I’ll read them.

Thanks a lot for thinking of us.


Jean: yes, PDF is zipped up and saved as a Media: and saved on the Blender servers.

kroni: Don’t apologize for the noise; in SVN with 32 samples, AO noise is gone. Along with Jean, I’ll be glad to help you with wiki stuff.

You forgot AAO which is faster and gets rid of noise completely. (and good quality with the right settings)

Sure do tutorials for all of them.

sounds very good to me
waiting for the first tutorial :slight_smile:

Which renderer do you use - seems to be yafray? If you indoor sceen was made with BI, I´am more than curios how you achived the lightning and shadow effects.

It’s Blender Internal, it’s underestimated interior-wise :wink: that’s one of the reasons why i want to write a tutorial. In short i used area lights in windows, one sun lamp and AO… plus some nodes magic :wink: You can check my .blend files at my Doodles thread if You’d like more insight.

Nope, i didnt forget. It’s faster so it’s meant to be used in animations where lighting precission isnt as important and noiseless renders are a must. Stills are a completely different matter though :wink:

Actually Iam rewriting the lightning chapter of the german wikibook and Iam desperatly surching for good indoor and outdoor scene lightsetups and workarounds. I didnt know that you are using the nodes for post production. Some months ago I was toying arround with ambiant light lamps, that were devoloped by a german Blender user. With this feature it was possible to get clear and bright indoor scenes, but only with blender lamps I couldnt get any satisfying result.
I will study your tutorials very careful because this is the best BI architecturial light I have seen so far…

I would like to see a GOOD car studio lighting setup. Thanks.

I think the wiki option as suggested by PapaSmurf is the best one. That way we have only one place to look for tutorials. Keep us posted on the development of these tutorials.

I’ve got to say all of the above. I’ve learned what I know of rendering with the BI by downloading kindly donated Blend files

I good lighting tut would be INVALUABLE. Getting good results with the BI can be very tricky.

If you included a decent recap of why the 2.46 features are so great, it would also serve as documentation for the new version and would be thus even more valuable.

Thanks so much for offering your time and efforts for this. If you need any help with the HTML or so forth, please let me know.

I think you already know their is a need for good tutorials in all areas of blender. I say just go for it in the order that suits you. I would suggest making individual html tutorials to start with, If you write them in a structured fashion its easy to copy and paste the content into an OpenOffice document and save it as a complete .pdf lighting guide.