My list of requested features

Hi girls, for those of you who dare to do this, here is my open list of features i am missing in blender (i have a terrible brain, so this list may grow afterwards):

-Jump into directory after creating it in the file browser ( no more searching where the newly created folder went to…)

-Under “Cycles hair settings” we can slide the hair shape between 1 & -1. But while the same slider in the clump area of the child hair settings makes the clump cylindrical with only a tapered tip when you set the slider to 1, this same value in the above mentioned cycles setting does the opposite. It should be consistent imho.

-I’d like to have more options in procedural textures. Where is the mandelbrot set? That would be great e.g. for bumping leaf veins procedurally, or other real world math:

  • Mentioning Mandelbrot: is there anyone who is capable of writing a fractal modifier like in mandelbulb?

-I love watching artificial lifeforms evolve. How about using Blender for a Turing machine, Conway’s game of life, Cellular Automaton or whatever kind of artificial life? Maybe a preset neuronal network in animation nodes?

-An undo-button somewhere for the handicapped among us would be nice (i know that’s not an artistic problem, but it’s no bug neither and i know no better way to spread this).

-How about an operator that spreads the points on a curve evenly, like the loop tool operator “space”?

-When i assign an object- or a material-pass-index, it would be great if the respective renderpass enabled automatically.