My Little Home

Here’s an image I made. Did it in Blender and some lighting effects in the GIMP. Would appreciate feedback.

Here’s an Updated Version:

Thanks for taking a look.


It’s kind of washed out in the middle and makes it hard to see.

Very Nice Home and Very nice silky grass. Left Upper Corner of your sky is looking dark.

CyborgDragon: Yeah. I was trying to get a dramatic epic sunset feeling. And yet be a little photorealistic in that it would kinda glare out the view a bit cause you’re looking head on.

Thanks for the comments everyone.

awesome stuff crititrozoz!
it’d look a bit better if the house thing was bigger
4 *s :spin:

Terrible, absolutely terrible. :no:

What the expletive deleted, Calvin!? :frowning:

Anyway, it looks decent, tho kinda plain and the lighting is a bit off… if that’s the sun setting, but still visible, then the house being partly lit from this side doesn’t make a lot of sense. I like the stylization tho, nice cartoon-y look to it. I think i agree with Jeepster about the size of the house as well, it would probably help the composition and get rid of some of that ‘plainness’.

Wow. Great improvment from last time you showed me this Crititrozoz. i give it 4*

Thanks for your comments everyone! To clarify about the house. It’s actually supposed to be lit up on the front because of the light from the windows and lantern. And I think it probably would look better with a bigger home. As for the flatness…I live in Saskatchewan :slight_smile: Enough said lol.

I love the richness of the colors! Perhaps a little bit of foreground is in order, it seems to be the only thing missing. Very cool feel though!

Hey good idea dudecon! I’ll maybe add some grasses or something blurred out in the foreground maybe. And i’ve changed some things as suggested and will re render once i’ve added a bit a foreground content.

What was done in post-process in gimp?

I darkened the sky near the top and the grass at the bottom. Darkening of the tree and that glare look in the branches. Also the flare was done in the gimp. Maybe a few other minor things that are hard to describe :slight_smile:

I like it! Could you give your material settings? I’m planning a futur project where shaders like that might come in handy.

I hope you tweak this a little more. I think the house design is very creative… In my personal opinion, I don’t think the sky works with it… you have a toony style house with what looks like a more realistic style sky. The sun being overly blown out doesn’t help much. Overall, I think you have a decent composition though. I like the tree a lot too.

It is a real good start and if you could tone down the glare or at least make it more interesting It would improve it a lot.
It’s worth working on it some more I think.


There’s a bit too much glow in the scene, but over all the composition is very nice.

I like the glow and the general feel of it, its a peaceful image and i like it alot.

cool, but it seems way too contrasty. especially the sky/tree. looks like theres a badass electrical storm thats firing up the sky, and detail on the tree is lost. a different lighting scheme could help maybe…
also the grass is oversaturated IMO and a bit too uniform. some different land features (a shoreline, for starters) could make the whole thing a bit more appealing.
i also notice there is light beaming out from the house. its clashing with the ‘epic sunset’ as far as focus goes. what could work is if you contrasted the lit up areas (warmer light from the sun) with darker colder shadows instead of this very even light that seems to come from everywhere. that way the light in the windows will pop without being lost in the massive glare.

Don’t you think that’s the style of the piece, sharp contrast and saturation?

I see the style, I don’t know why it has to become more generic.

I kind of like the sunset now that I look at it.