My little natural disaster entry...

(Ecks) #1

I know it is not the most cool work but It was really fun to make…just tell what you think!

(Dittohead) #2

nice particle system.

(Ecks) #3

do you think the particle are too much blue…should I make them white?

(Dittohead) #4

more of af a pale teal colour for the wave itself. in the middle of the wave make a few white riffs. maybe bump map the buildings and water underneath???

(pofo) #5

hehe looks pretty good
I agree that you should make the wave itself lighter.
I didn’t see those waves coming in from the sides at first.
Maybe some exploding windows would look good?

  1. pofo

(yay! 500th post <— me is monkey)

(S68) #6


Good luck!