My little pawn

Here :


good clean model. A great start for CG.
good luck in all future projects

Thanks,its simple pawn.Not much for now,but i must learn much more to make some complex model.:slight_smile:

nice pawn, but it looks like something that should be included in a larger set.

What do you mean?:rolleyes:

he means that on its own, its a little plain. If you had, say fifty of them, and a chess board, it would add to the visual value.

make a full set, chessboard and all. I could make a pawn as good as that in 5 minutes.

1 minute:D

Ouch guys, easy! just make a bunch of them, array modifer anyone? then line them up in an army style and have the queen piece lead them in front and title it โ€œA True armyโ€. Never mind, Iโ€™ll do that.

Hey, smart guys, you know this is the first model, right?

We do now!