My little pony

So I am creating my own custom MLP character in Blender. Here is my progress modeling it so far.

I can’t comment on your model if I can’t see it. Light it up a bit :wink:

Looks like some unlucky stallion ran into a cockatrice.

needs lots of glitter and sparkles

Okay, I will light it up!

This is going to be a boy MLP though…

Does this look any better?
He is missing his back legs of course but that will come soon! :smiley:

Here is the latest on the MLP I was modeling in Blender. I rendered this in Cycles with 500 samples.

The body and neck look a bit cubical at the moment. Also, the hind legs look like they’re just tacked onto the body. The bulk of a pony’s hindquarters is the femur and the muscles around it, creating the much-celebrated curvaceous “plot”.

A quick google search for “MLP anatomy” and “horse anatomy” will give you some good foundations to build on.

Okay, Great. Thanks

Here is full shot of the MLP. I changed the neck so it wouldn’t be so squarish.