My little proj help

I am just starting to work on this project recently and I have come across a few things that I need a little help on.

The game I’m working on was inspired by the original Mario Bro’s game for the NES.:ba:

  1. I Have a walk cycle (a bit amateur-ish but it works for me) working in game, but I need help making it run/look a bit more smooth in game.:spin:

  2. How would I make it so my character would turn around when I hit a different direction ( I.E, I’m running right, I hit left on the directional arrows and the character turns around to run in that direction ) how would I get that to work?:confused:

  3. Is there a way to make a falling animation in game? as in when The character falls/jumps off an edge, he looks like he’s falling. or would that not be worth adding into a short game?( I’m sure that’s my decision, but would you try to add it in? )

  4. -last thing, The characters feet seem to go through the plane ( ground ) just a bit, how would I go about fixing this?:confused:

I posted the .blend. Hope it helps, oh and any criticism would be nice.


game player design.blend (290 KB)

ok i added left and right walking to your file… i`m not good at animating so someone els has to help you with that


game player design1.blend (295 KB)

Cool thanks, ill get to looking at it, I kinda went outta town urgently yesterday :x so i couldn’t look at it when you first posted.

  1. Thanks for Fixing my problem about falling through the floor a little, The adding ‘bounds property>box’ helped. Thanks.

2)Now why didn’t I think about using an IPO for my character to turn around :o The only problem is because the camera is parented to the bloody character it seems like the level swaps, but ill just undo the parent to fix that problem;). Thanks for the help!

I may post back if I have any more problems.

use a vertex parent to fix the camera problem :wink: