My little vision

Hi!I did this yesterday…it took about 4 hours…I’ve seen it in my vision…so i did it… :slight_smile: what do you think about it?

remindes me a lot of diablo at the end when you kill the guy.


Nice doing, what ever it is :slight_smile:
Good textures, and nice DoF. The place where the “claws” connect to the fingers/toes(?) could be more seamless where it actually connects to the skin. Then again, if it really is exactly like your vision, it is like that.
Awesome sig :stuck_out_tongue: .

For the art - credit
For the artist - couselling… man, if this is you ‘visions’ stay off the stuff or get a better dealer…lol

Alltaken:Oh, I don’t know I never played diablo before :slight_smile:

Falgor:I don’t know exactly what do you mean by “seamless” :slight_smile: btw. nice hair tut :slight_smile:

denshidan:thx…the stuff is really great :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Kinda does remind me of Diablo II a bit. Looks great, care to explain what it is? Pretty damn good for 4 hours of work