My little worm game(Updated)

hello all, i made this miniworm game, tell me what you think? :slight_smile:
(It is under construction, not finnished [!] )


looks very 2d

Nice minigame, I was on 50, then suddely the map changed and a dark brown things was spawned on me, so I died. Maybe you could fix that :smiley: But it’s a nice game so far. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats the point :stuck_out_tongue:
And JD-multi i am aware of that, i am working on that, but is it worth making a hole game and a highscore checker on the net and such??
(So it checks the score on the net? i can do that if it would be cool…)

I don’t mean to be a jerk, but you spelled “length” wrong. The game is really nice! I sooooo love that game style.


THe worm is too slow I cant get any apples before they go away.

This is not a finnished game, so i will fix this to :slight_smile:
Anny more things i need to fix? :smiley:

haha… that happened to me as well. I think that was a bit too sudden.

Maybe instead of adding the brown things, you can make the map become smaller with each level. Also you can make the worm grow a bit more with each apple, so that in near the end of each level, it’ll be a mess of spaghetti and will require some stragegy to keep from hitting your tail.

Yeah would be a nice idea, to make the level become smaller the more apples you eat the more score you have or time. And making a score on the net would be nice to try, and I think more people would use that for fu in there games. :smiley:

ok, i will worm on this, thank you all for the edvics 8) , i can get the score on the internett, it is very simple, i will update this game soon again with score and al the other stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

worms! [!]