My Living Room

I’ve decided to model something that I know. I am going into as much detail as I can with this. This is the corner with my chair in it(no chair yet, just the corner).

And here’s a closeup of the phone jack:

I’m not exactly sure why I modeled this in detail, because you probably won’t even see it when the chair is put in. Oh, well.

Feel free to comment on what I have so far.


I made the lamp post to reflective. And those wire that come to an abrupt end will be covered with a hexagonal/octagonal table/cabinet.

I like the detail
the lamp looks small or the phone jack is huge
I think the camera lens seting is making the whole shot look like a model or doll house.
keep going just fix the scale also did you use AO it looks like you did AO (to me) looks like AO , not real or realy very good in this seting.
as I said the detail is nice. I like the lamp shade the random and off center lay out is good.

The lamp is about, I would say, 5 feet tall, maybe a little less. But the phone jack is way too big. I didn’t notice that. Thanks. Yes that is AO. These aren’t the final settings that I’ll be using. I might end up using Yafray. I’ll fiddle around with the camera after I’m done modeling(which may take a while). Thanks.

Looking at the whole scene it definitely looks like the lamp is small and everything else is ok scalewise.

I would suggest re-evaluating what your scale should be and increasing the size of the lamp accordingly.

The phone jack may be a little bit large, but judging by the size of the floor molding and the door casing, it doesn’t look too far off and the image is convincing. However when the lamp is added all of a sudden something seems wrong- so I’d say the it is the most likely culprit.

Break out a ruler and measure some things in the room, then pick a scale and size everything to it.

The jack looked fine compared to the door frame. The problem with that is the door frame is about twice as long as it should be. I fixed it a little and added the end table. I need to make the handles darker, and the lighting doesn’t show much of the detail.