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I got bored at work today…

Lol, and you modelled this in one day?
Looking good though.

No, I was kidding about being bored at work. This is 2 solid days worth of work because my modeling skills suck and because I can’t stay away from the compositor or the render button for very long.

Looking good. Keep it up.
One of the walls is coming through the roof and you need to work on the textures at the moment you see the tiling.

Here’s an update. The house is still an unfurnished shell. I decided not to put the extensions
on the roof for the upper rooms because the uv mapping was giving me fits and I don’t want
to have to do it all over again. The windows and textures have been the most difficult parts so
far. I’m having some trouble lighting the windows also. Most of the doors are still missing.


wow looking cool, cant wait for the final render

kinda gives me a sims feel lol

Still no interior furnishings other than a stairwell, a couple of doors and door frames but I like
the way it’s starting to come together. This would have been much easier if I had blueprints to
work from rather than a sketch.


Looking sweet man. You definitely seem to know what your doing. Maybe when you get around to it change the texture on the posts. looks kinda strange to me but looking good. nice design too.