My Loki Render Build

Here is my new build of Loki Render and great render farm for blender by Danial Peterson…

I built the latest version from his subversion trunk and compiled it into a exe, for those of us who don’t know how… Plus I customized it a little bit. I thought this might be useful since I haven’t seen a recent build in a while.

Note: This is Danial’s software not mine, I just built and customized it under GPL

Download link: Here

Hmm. No offence, but why should we trust you?

You post a binary which you customized.
No word on what the customization are and no link to the source so one could check and compile himself.

Here are a few people using Loki to render commercial animations and want to keep their frames =)
I am generally a bit paranoid when it comes to datatheft so don´t take it personal. I guess it is because I often get prototype and/or sensible data, or contracts for animations for company internal use only.

I’m not at all interested in ‘your frames’ arexma… And if your going to be that paranoid about it, no ones making you use it… I simply thought I would do blender a community a public service and package the latest build from Danial Pattersions SVN trunk because the site hasn’t been updated in over two years.

I try to be helpful and for thanks I get baseless accusations

Furthermore if your so convinced i am stealing data, then why don’t just use WireShark or some other protocol analyzer on my build and get some actual proof, instead just assuming that because I didn’t post the source code, I must be up to something… Do you realize how much software gets posted on the internet without the source code included? I wager it’s more programs than you have skin cells. Yet I must be up to something…

I see, you absolutely didn´t understand “no offence” - “don´t take it personally”

You might not have any use for the frames, but who tells us you don´t customized a backdoor or trojan into it, you can talk all nice here, and feel deeply offended because you´r not the kind of guy to scam anyone… but how should we know?

And it is mandatory to release the sourcecode if you modified source based on the GPL, else you violate the GPL:

As the tool has lots of network code in it, many that don´t offer the source (nonGPL), still offer a MD5 to make sure it is legit and not tampered with.

And as I said, with no word you mention what your customizations are… you leave it to guesswork.

No, I understand it…
It’s just hard to comply when I’m being accused of creating and distributing malware, with out a shred of evidence to back up those clams.

Here is the source code
I used netbeans to compile it into a jar…
Then I used JSmooth to create a self executing archive

If you open up my exe it copyies the jar file into your users tmp directory and executes it with the currently installed JDK you can use jar comp to compare the jar in your temp directory with the output of the netbeans build.

Well, you got to look at it from the “other” side.

  • you got a new account, nobody knows you here
  • you post a binary which supposedly has netcode inside
  • you say you customized it but don´t tell what
  • you violate the GPL and get an attitude when asked for the source

And it is not about me not using it, it´s about the fact, that with above facts, no one sane would run your binary, and your effords to contribute go to waste.

What I still don´t get is the customizations you talk about.
Did you change anything in the code? Added some features?
Or is all you´ve done to run the .exe wrapper?

I had every intention of posting the source code, however I quickly realized after posting the binary that I had accidently deleted my entire project from my desktop. Fortunately I still had the unwrapped jar file, and eventually I was able to decompile it and regain my source code. I then took that source code and recompiled it and created a checksum of my original jar and the newly compiled jar just to make sure that the source code was a perfect match, fortunately it was.

As for the customizations to the program:

  • I updated the artwork to reflect the new version
  • The source code has been updated to the latest commit on the subversion trunk
  • And finally the exe wrapper was added making the program easier to use

Anyway… This entire discussion is a mute point now…
I have customized blenders network rendering service to meet my specific needs so I have no further need of Loki Render…

Here are two screen shots of my custom made blender render farm based on the one built into blender 2.56a, which is far superior to Loki render. My new solution offers a customized web based interface, subversion push support, and render API integration.


Can it handle blends that link to media not packed in the blend? Loki is fantastic, but if you are relative/absolute linking to a gig of textures which is impractical to pack, i.e. put in system memory, Loki doesn’t use it.
Also, could you post a .sh and .jar version. We don’t all use Windows.
Also, could you write some documentation that explains what this does and how it is different. Good documentation is also something lacking in a lot of this stuff.

Sorry, they still need to be packed… If you still want it illl try to post those things when I can find some free time, and if I can find it… This thread is kind of old.