My love... I tried

Never done any SciFi in Blender even if I love the genre and known how to use Blender for years. A bit of a shame, so I used 2 days to put something together. Blender 2.8. All material procedural.
“My love… I tried.”


Listened to some feedback, so I have now done a new “Finished” image.


Dang that looks cool, the fog on the floor is an awesome touch :slight_smile:

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Thank you :).

that must have been a major cold to go that wrong with the “cure” … :smiley: haha really like it , looks like a scene from a video game some years back…

btw fun to see that u are advancing in your holy war agienst textures ! :slight_smile:

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Thanks :)!

Yes, the material making is really fun (I know I’m a minority when saying that) and I find new things almost every day. However, I’m not against those that use image textures and in rare occasions I use them my self (!)… so “holy war” might be … or…well, you are right :D!

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