My low poly game engine

Hi, This is a small demo of my WIP low poly game engine. It’s written in C++ and OpenGL. I used blender to create all the models which are in the demo. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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I fixed your video link, just put the link on an empty line for it to embed.

Ok. Thanks!

It looks great! Are you using modern opengl? Tell us more about what more are you thinking to implement! :slight_smile:

woow wooow … so your telling me that you just write your own game engine your self ???
you must be really super pro on coding man

Thanks for the comment. Yes, modern opengl with shader based implementation. Improvements will be added on rendering engine with effects and more usable UI system. Hope to implement a particle system, AI system and Entity system as the next iteration. I’ll update this with new features…

:slight_smile: thanks for the comment. Not a pro, but have some experience in programming.

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experience is something more that anyone can dream of

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