My LowPoly Lamborghini

I did this lowpoly car in about an hour after i got home from school today.

Hopefully it will be used in a game my brother and i are making.

Well, here it is:

C+C Please :slight_smile:

Different Angles:



Anyone? :frowning:


Cool, looking good :). Around the front of the car I think you should move the vertices on the sides of the bonnet inwards a bit to make the bonnet look less blockish. Good luck with the game as well.

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

Yes it does look a bit blockish… also i just remembered that cars have rear view mirrors! :slight_smile:

Not bad,kinda looks like mine in my post in the works in progress section!how did you do it?

i got some nice blueprints from , modelled half of it, mirrored it and merged the centre. :slight_smile:

Exactly what i did!lol.thats amazing,but how did you get it to be so nice and smooth with out it having bumps like mine.Did u just what mode were you in when you cut out the windows.face select,vertices…?Are you modelling the lamborghini gallardo?

Yeah i think it’s the Gallardo, 2005 one or something.

I didn’t cut out the windows I modelled around them.

All i did was Set Smooth to make it so smooth :wink:

yup just like mine,mine is the 2005,it my first car ever.the only difference is i didn model around the window.I also set smooth but when i test render it comes out with weird bumps that dont look symettrical on the doors,windows,and windows.:confused: