My LSCM Is Missing?

Hi All,

I am running Blender, version 2.42.

I wanted to do a simple UV map of the box object in the default scene.

I wanted to try out the LSCM unwrap, but the button does not show up? Does anyone know why?

File/New creates the box object.
Put the object into Face mode and I should see the LSCM button but it is not there.

Is LSCM still part of blender? I realize the documents are always behind the latest working version.

What is the best way to unwrap the box. It seems like to me this is the simplest test.

Ok, I have split my screen and have the box on the right and the uv editor on the left. Is there a magic button that will create my uv map for me so I can put in my images for the faces?

It is just called Unwrap now.