My Mac Mini and computer system

Ok OK, I don’t have a Mac Mini, but It was fun to model.

If anyone wants the blend file. you can pm me or post your email here if you llike. It’s free for any purpose.

no comments? hmm, bummer

no comments? hmm, bummer

It’s not a good idea to bump the thread like that. I think that just makes people ignore you more because you come across as impatient. Judging by the timing, maybe the double post was an accident.

Anyway since I feel sorry for people who have gone to the trouble of blending and getting no reply, I’ll give you a post.

The model looks ok but a bit lifeless in the Matrix white environment. Also, no wires, no mouse, no image on the screen - all adds to the lifelessness.

So many people post pics of machines (usually laptops) that I guess people don’t bother about another one going by.

I’m not sure it’s so much that the image is bad but the subject matter is a bit dull. Try to do something like Pixar did with the imac 2. Give your image character. Make an animation for example by compositing a film of a Tiger climbing out of the screen. Check the Tiger at the bottom of this page as an idea:

If you just want realism, I think you need some better lighting and maybe lighten the grey on the Mac.

Make sure your turn on OSA for your final render, it makes the jagged lines smoother.

Also, if you put a reflective surface underneath the equipment, like a desk for example, it would look a lot better. Just make a material with Raymir on, and make sure RAY is turned on in render buttons.