My Mango proposal.

It’s been several months since I’ve send it to BF as a Mango story proposal.
Sadly it was instantly rejected due to it’s size (aprox. 35 pages now).

It’s my first writing attempt and had lots of fun while writing it. Note that it was originally written in Greek and then translated in English by me. And since my English are far from flawless, be ready for a bunch of syntax/grammar flaws and errors.

You can get it from the above link. If I’m not mistaken you can just download it without being a member or having to login, register etc.
You can also download a EPUB file to read it on your tablet/phone.

It’s just a little action/si-fi story, hope you enjoy.

Btw The cover is from an old image made and rendered in Cinema 4D. :eek:

I am sorry, but the script seems to be done already :-/

Unless, you wrote it just for fun of course, then ignore this comment :slight_smile:

I know that. I’ve send my story to BF a while ago and got an official rejection (see top post) and all. :slight_smile:
Just wanted to sare it now that it’s up -and free- at Smashwords.