My Mascot(Update: KungFu Action!!)

I know I didn’t finished microphone yet but I did something else this morning

It has no name yet so:

This is going to be my mascot!

Here is an update of the whole body!(10 mins of work)
Comments are Welcome


expresion in face is really nice…very funny :wink:

Very nice, it look like an alien. It hasnt go finger,…
And thanks for the comments. bye

Here is an rig test(not very realistic move!)

And here is a screenshot of the rig(it’s simple!)

Have Fun!!! :wink:

Update: Kungfu Kind Action

Creation of my mascots friend:

Jimmy Moves
His body is not yet ready but the anim is my best anim made till now!

can somebody give some comments :frowning:
it’s maybe a stupid anim but i want to know the weak points of my animation skills
i noticed already(at the end of the render) that Timmy(my mascot) was jumping very dumb
He needs new rigs so :wink:

Commets Please

Well, I personally don’t think there is really anything wrong with your animation, except it uses the Flintstones theme.

I noticed how well the eyes are animated. And the movement of the head is very good too.

sorry that was the old version here is the new:
(were Timmy jumps dumb)
this is the anim that needs adjustments and better editing
sorry :expressionless:


That was pretty funny. Some of the movements wern’t great, but some were pretty natural looking. There are a lot of things to crit on, but those things come with experience. Like better models, better animation, but I am still fairly new, so just keep playing with it until you get something you like.

P.S. To me, it looks like you’re a natural at animation.

Thanks henrymop

But i’m not going to edit the models maybe change the eyes of Timmy but i won’t change the models.
A new rig for Timmy and looking better to the actions(ipo’s)
i didn’t use NLA
my next movie with them is also in the white enviorment but on a high white cube
guess who falls down?