My mesh ''breaks'' when i try to render in cycles

i have tried for now almost 4-5 hours to render my 5 sec video.
of a little test animation with a DFZ character ‘‘GOKU SSB’’ that was premade for blender.

In the viewport of cycles everything looks fine but when i render it and i come back after 30 min
it looks like my mesh is see through on some parts
anyone has had this before? i want to fix this

Hi there, welcome to the community!

Just by reading your description, it might be a displacement issue. If you have a displacement node applied, it can actually break the mesh open at the edges. If that is the case, try to play with the midlevel value, that may solve the issue, or decrease the strength overall.

But it’s just a hunch :slight_smile:


i used a displacement node for the aura but even if i delete and render
nothing changes? i will just try again but in a different project file
maybe i used the wrong settings. since the model works alone in cycles

Is it a camera clipping issue perhaps? If parts are invisible, then that’s kinda what it sounds like.

If you could upload an image, or anything else that might show more what your talking about. It’s hard to tell just by text descriptions.

Wish it was its about the mesh something in the materials is making some parts go invisible
in cycles and im a new user so i can’t post anything ill try another day.