My mesh deforms weirdly

Im working on a school project and as my mesh is deforming quite weirdly when i try to turn some bones

Screenshot below:

I have no idea what causes this and I would appreciate any help since I am a complete beginner

(I will just post a link to the blend if anyone wants to help this poor sod out)

I can tell you the first problem without having to look at your file:

The scale for the cube is all sorts of numbers less than 1 for X Y and Z, this means you scaled the cube in Object Mode - this is not good, do ALL your edits in Edit Mode, or apply any scales and rotations to both the mesh and the Armature in Object Mode, before you attempt to parent them together, by selecting them both and keying CTRL+A => “Rotation and Scale”. This Applies the Rotation and Scale and sets it back to 0 for all rotations and 1 for all scales. If you have also scaled your Armature in Object mode that too will help to FUBAR your deformations.

Don’t Scale or Rotate in Object Mode - do all Edits in EDIT Mode!!!

I will look at your file tomorrow, it’s bedtime here in the UK for me.

Cheers, Clock. :beers:


These are the vertices assigned to the left arm bone:

This is another reason why it’s all FUBAR - you need to remove ALL vertex groups, the Armature Modifier and the Object Parent, then redo the parent by selecting the mesh, SHIFT+Select the Armature and key CTRL+P => “Automatic Weights” as a first try - I see you tried weight painting, not a beginners tool that…

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Thank you very much, I will attempt to fix this mess i made to the best of my abilities tomorrow since it is also bedtime here in Sweden, oh and the reason I got into weight painting was because I was following a tutorial which I will link for convenience sake.

No problem, I have made some corrections/additions to your file:

Applied scale to the mesh.
Smooth shaded round parts of mesh (select the curved bits and key CTRL+F => “Shade Smooth”)
Corrected bone naming convention, bones should’ve the .R and .L endings so you can flip poses from one side to the other.
Moved Root bone to between the feet, where it belongs.
Normalised bone rotations so they all rotate the same way on the same axis, (select all bones, key CTRL_N => “Global +X Axis”).
Removed unwanted vertex groups.
Assigned vertices to their respective bones, (select required vertices, select appropriate vertex group, click “Assign”, having removedly all vertices from all groups). No need to Weight Paint this…
Added Camera and Lamp.
Set World to give some background light.

Blend file: Gubbe.blend (542.4 KB)

I shall remain silent on the standard of the tutorial you followed…

Cheers, Clock. :beers:


oh wow thank you so much, I am sorry for not responding sooner, got quite caught up with some other school stuff yesterday but I cant actually express how thankful i am of this help you have given me :grin:

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You are welcome and you don’t have to reply immediately. I will be visiting your wonderful country end of October/early November to see, in order of importance, my three Swedish granddaughters, my Swedish Daughter-in-law & my son’s new American wife (equal importance) and my youngest son. There that should really upset the apple cart, teehee.

You can always get help here, just ask questions and provide blend files with how far you have got. That is the best way to learn. Tutorials by Nathan Vegdahl, his peers of equal, or near equal, merit, those on and one, or two other places are also good learning tools. A large proportion of the one-man-band tutorials on Youtube vary between “Helpful, but Inaccurate, or Incomplete” to “Complete and Utter Shit”, so chose wisely.

Cheers, Clock. :beers:

PS. Remember everyone who helps on this website was a beginner once.

PPS. Not sure if I should skĂĄl with beer given you are still at school, mind you I was a confirmed beer drinker by 15 years old.

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Im happy that my country will be visited by such a good person as you and wow you really do have a large family there.

Im also quite happy that my first question got such a helpful response and thanks to you i will probably ask for help more and definitely be more careful about what things i use for help

PS. I will become eighteen in the middle of this November so i guess a skĂĄl wouldnt be too bad :beers: