My mesh is black. Flip Normals??

Hi. My mesh that I created is pitch black. Every bit of the mesh is. I think that my “normals” are upside down. But how do I change them? Thanks guys…

Select object : Right click it
Go into edit mode : Tab
Select all : A
Re-calc normals outside :ctrl n


In edit mode, press “A” to
select all vertices. Then press CTRL+N to flip normals.

Also, if this does not work, press the Double Sided button in the edit menu (F9).


[edit] BAH!!! Beaten by Rob by mere seconds! :wink: [edit]

if you mirrored the mesh, fliping normals wont work.

VertCOL | make |   <------------------------- button

hit make then it turns to delete. then hit delete. this should make mirrored mesh change to normal colours.

Ok yea I did mirror the mesh. I’ll try it. Thanks all of yall!

I got it! Thanks guys! I actually had to do a combination of everybody’s posts. LOL. Anyways, thanks again!