my mesh is see-though in texture paint mode

hi, i got this weird problem where when i get to texture paint mode, my mesh is definitely see through, like i can see the inside but not the outside. (the coat,hair and boots in the pictures)

i noticed that these see-through parts are the ones i copy-pasted using shift+d to duplicate them, then s, x, -1 to flip them symmetrically on the x axis (i found this tip on the web somewhere). any idea of how to fix this without needing to redo everything?
thanks in advance!

then s, x, -1 to flip them symmetrically on the x axis
You also flipped their normals.
Select all then vertices and recalculate normals (Ctrl+N). For selected faces use W / flip normals

(i found this tip on the web somewhere)
You also need to understand exactly what and why you are doing this as well as the implications of doing so

as a beginner, i hadn’t calculated consequences, i only needed a hand in understanding how to flip things symmetrically… the blender wiki included this method and (i didn’t read the whole page though) didn’t say much about it, just that it would flip stuff…
however, thank you very much. i’ll never stop learning stuff here c:

You can use a mirror modifier, than you dont have this problems :slight_smile: