my mesh isnt render baking properly

I have a small level i want to try to light map, I set up quite a few light sources (about 20) because there’s alot of windows, and when I unwrap the mesh, add a new image (1024 by 1024) to bake to, i go to render > render bake meshes > full render (I dont have any ambient occlusion set) it doesnt pick up all of my light sources, and every time I do it the light map turns out different. I’m using 2.43 RC1. anybody have suggestions?

might this have something to do with the 8 light limit of the GE, maybe not.

Maybe its rendering for a camera that can’t see all the lights maybe?

I don’t know.

wait I figured it out, if the normals arent right its bakes weirdly, so i set everything to twoside and it works alright

use RC2… should be better and have less bugs… theoretically… you can get from Erwins site… or