my mesh just dissapeared.

I was just working away minding my own buisness, when i scaled some verticies, obviously pressed some wrong button, and now the entire thing is gone, just dissapeared! i’ve tried control z, which should work for both deleting or hiding an object. wtf just happened??

If you hid it (H), press Alt H to unhide.

nope, reveal and unhide both do nothing. I only had four verticies selected when it happened anyway.

EDIT- I forgot to mention, the camera and light source went too, besides the grid that’s there no matter what, everything’s gone.

Perhaps you changed layers? (alphanumeric number keys)
Press 1 to go back to the default layer. Press ` view all layers.

aha. thank you muchly, that was the problem. :slight_smile:

but now i have another, more minor one, lol.

i somehow caused the center of my selection to always be located at the cursor i’m guessing this is easily fixed?

Check your pivot points, the second button to the right of the ‘Mode’ selector in each 3D view window. If it isn’t set to median point or bounding box center, that may be your problem.