My Mesh Scrambles all over scene once opened, help please

I created a asset, the asset was put into place correctly the way it was supposed to flow. A house, with different parts.
When I close my scene, the house and all the pieces to it are correctly put in the right place. When I open the scene again, all the pieces to the house are scrambled all over the place, then I have to put all the pieces back together to make it look like a house again, every time I open the file.
Is there a setting in blender that causes this to happen?
Can someone help me with this please?

Scroll the timeline, do you see your objects move? If so, check the Graph Editor and delete all keys. It happened to me once and I also had to check the Outliner cos there was an entry called “animation” attached to my object (use the + sign to expand the tree for your object).