My middle mouse button does nothing and should be able to orbit

I have just watched my first blender tut on you tube and find that although my middle mouse scroll wheel/ button should orbit, it doesn’t. Has some kind soul got some ideas?



@simon check to see if any settings are different than this in your user preferences.

thanks so much. My settings look the same so not sure where to go from here. More research I guess.

What happens when you click and hold the middle mouse wheel? Anything?

Nothing it seems. I click with the pointer on the object and attempt to rotate it but nothing happens. I am following a tutorial by “blender guru”. He is great but I am only 15 minutes in and have come to a standstill!

Are you sure that the middle mouse on your mouse actually works? does it work in other applications? Have you tried another mouse? If you middle click on a link in a web browser, it usually opens the page in another tab. If that doesnt work, then I suspect there is something wrong with the mouse itself.

When I click with the middle button, it has the effect of bringing up all my collapsed windows as small panels.

The scroll wheel is working in as much as when I want to zoom in Photoshop I just use the scroll wheel and that works.

Have you tried under file>Load factory settings ? That should take blender and all possible key configuration changes and restore them back to default. And see if then the middle mouse click and hold to orbit works. One other thing I forgot to ask is are you running blender in blender settings or maya or 3ds max? If blender then the factory settings should work just fine.

If Clicking the Scroll Wheel brings up your collapsed windows, it appears you have some other piece of software int he background that’s capturing mouse events before they get to the application.

What operating system do you have?

That sounds like an Apple Mouse / Magic mouse on a Mac. I use a mac too, but not an apple mouse. I use real mouse :slight_smile: I use a Logitech MX Master 2s which are by no means cheap, but any decent $10 PC mouse will work. Apple just like to make you think you have to buy theirs.

Thats great logic! I am using windows 10. The fact that it does bring up these windows would point to the mouse hardware being functional, yeah?

Correct. Did your mouse come with driver software? If so you may find settings in your Control Panel (Or possibly in the icons at the bottom right of your monitor) that change how the mouse buttons work.

@simon How long did you have the mouse (w/ the broken middle scroll)? If you had it for the long time I suggest you shall buy a new mouse.

For instance, I had my previous green mouse that came with a usb cord I bought from Big Lot. I used it for three years until I bought a new laptop. Somehow the green mouse’s middle scroll wheel won’t function as it used to. Even though I tried to update the mouse driver, the scroll wheel still won’t function. I decided to go back to Big Lot and buy a new mouse with usb cord plus mouse pad. Turn out the new mouse’s scroll wheel work really really well. TA-DA!

Thanks sooo much!

I have since tried using it with fusion 360 and it won’t work on that either…

No problem