My Mitsuba Project

Mitsuba renderer in action.
Took me about 1 hour rendering over the network with 3 computers connected to the network and i used photon mapping as my integrator.

I know that i have to bevel the edges of some counters and some of my textures are stretched, I add DOF, and chromatic aberation.
I guess that is why it is a work in progress

Hi buddy, nice kitchen you have there.
A bit too many drawers in my opinion, but nice project nonetheless.
I thought that Mitsuba was faster that this: 1 hour computing of three computers should give a noiseless result in my opinion.

[edit] Did you try to use Path Tracer integrator? In my humble opinion it should perform well in this situation without caustics or other complex materials.

Well it was 3 really slow old computers. I also added an HDRI map to the scene and had about 250 Mill global photons and i set the max bounces to infinite.

Thanks for your kind words.