my model falls when it hits or is being hit by other objects..plz help¡!!!

Hello everyone.I have a very serious problem that discourage me to continue making games…ok.I created a human model from scratch using blender and I have parented a cube to my model.this cube acts as a motion box.I have made my model together with its armature to act as ghosts…I have 4 keyboard keys sensors (up,down,left and right) and 4 motion actuators…the motion box is set to be a rigid body.however the problem starts when the model moves and hit other objects which are suppose to act as obstacles.when the model hits these obstacles it falls…how can I make it to be stable? The mass of the cube is greater than any other object…the origin of my objects together with the armature and the model are at the centre.please help

I’ve had the same issue and I don’t have Blender working at the moment but if I remember well, I had to switch the collision box to bound to fix the issue : your collision box should have a sphere inside it.

Make the collision box dynamic rather than rigid body. Rigid body is for stiff objects that can fall over, like chairs or lamp stands, not humans or other characters (usually).

You might do well to check out a tutorial that does what you want (or even that doesn’t) and try to follow it to learn the basics of development using Blender.