My model have got 9030 faces but when rendered it shows 9104 faces

My model have got 9030 faces but when i render it the rendered image writed it’s 9104

just like you see in the image…after the blender image and the v2.74 it writes 9030 faces
but down at the rendered result after the time the fa (for faces) writes 9104
i need to know



no, it have got quads and triangles (no more than 4 vert. each faces and no less that 3 vert. each face)

When you render, faces get triangulated. If you have non planar quads these will be triangulated when rendered to increase the declared poly count

A test, render the default cube, 6 faces
Move a vertex to make a face non planar, when rendered, the face count will increase

Thanks Richard!
this is how it can be explained!

and also thanks to the modron for his reply!