My model isnt rendering

when i put my model in shading viewport it doesnt appear, its stay invisible even with light sources, any way i can fix it?

hello, maybe show some pictures, share your file, etc? se if this works

mmh not sure what you mean, I can see your donut, whatever viewport shading mode I choose…

i dont know what it is then, i cant also see it on material preview viewport, do you think it can be my gpu? its happening with every model i make

If you open a new blend file, and append everything from this file to a new one, do you see it then?

when i open a new file with a new model i still cant see it

Are you on Blender 2.91, and are you running an AMD graphics card? If so, try downgrading your graphics driver a version or two back. There’s some sort of issue in the recent AMD drivers.

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yes actualy, but you mean the blender version or the whole gpu driver?

GPU driver.

any version in particular?

To downgrade to? I can’t say as I’m using NVIDIA myself. The reports on the tracker indicate that the 20.11.2 driver version is problematic, so perhaps try one before that?