My Model Look totally different in u4, why? faces are missing!

I am really new to modelling so I hope this is where this post belings other wise sorry in advance. Anyways, Why is it that I get these errors in UE4 that makes (I think) my models look so weird?

Most importantly, how do I fix it? Please use beginner term :slight_smile:

Can you post image of original work in blender or send a file ? Only thing that came to my mind was that in modifiers, you haven´t applyed them. Thats only my thought I haven´t tried importing to UE4.

Hi Nathan,

that looks suspiciously like the normals on your meshes are not correct. Try flipping the normals to ‘outside’ and then reimporting into UE4.

The instructions for a similar post concerning fixing normals can be found here :slight_smile:


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Hope this helps

Looking at the UE4 image, I’d definitely say that roof had it’s normals inverted.
Easy enough to check, in your Blender 2.80 scene, go into in overlays, turn ‘face orientation’ If the roof turns red whilst hte rest are blue, then you need to go into edit mode, select those faces, then do shift+n to recalc normals.

In addition to what colkai said you can also enable Backface Culling. With Backface Culling enabled backfaces become invisible and it’s easier to see while working which side they are facing. The Backface Culling setting is located in the upper right corner of your 3D viewport, in the menu that pops up when you click the small down facing arrow.

It worked, thank you so much. For the future, how would I be able to spot this problem my self?

Just do those checks before exporting from Blender and you’ll be fine. I tend to do a “recalc normals” if I have any doubts. As Sersch said, backface culling is a great way of spotting that as well, because you’ll not be able to see the geometry within Blender as it is “facing away” from you. (You can find that in the shading drop down rather than overlays). These are all the little things you build on to strengthen your skill set as you develop. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Sersch and @colkai for the follow up info for Nathan :slight_smile: