My model won't render at all

I’m so sorry, I’m a total newbie, and I probably made a really stupid mistake somewhere, but for the life of me I can’t get my model to render as an image. If I make a new blender file with just a cube, it renders fine. The render loads fine. But when I try to F12 my model, it just shows the background. I think I must have set up something wrong, but 2 hours of googling hasn’t turned up a solution so I am asking for a bit of help.

Since I’m assuming I did something stupid with Render Layers, I have a screenshot with my all my objects and the render layers showing, but if you need the actual file to troubleshoot, I could probably find a way to get that up on the internet.

Thanks in advance for any advice you might have.

You are in Local view. Press Numpad /

View -> View Global/Local

I have that same problem and that didnt work for me :confused:

There are numerous reasons and without you supplying your blend file nobody can tell you which one.

Check in Object tree (upper right) if the objects are checked for render or not.

I had the exact same problem, and we really had to dive into it to find a solution. We found out through testing it was really an issue in the object itself, and it turned out to be in the Object tab, the header Duplication. It was set to Verts, something I had accidentally done trying stuff out being a newbie, and switching it back to None solved the issue instantly. Hope this helps!