my modeling method

Hi! I hope i posted this link on the right place. I have made a little vid of me modeling a head. I diten’t prepare so please exuse hasitation. My reason for posting it is to put it out for others to se so they could point out things i’m doing wrong or could do betther some might even learn a thing or two about how to model a head. Never seen a link like this so it might be a bad idea but that is for you to decide! part 1/2 part 2/2

And sorry for no audio!

guess it was a bad idea… :frowning:

well, at least you are trying :wink:

I recommend watching mr bombs head modeling video, it’s pretty much the best head modeling tute around at the moment
Click the pic for the video.

Thanks for the link M@dcow! Nokirar, why wasn’t there any sound with the video?