My modelling in Blender for MakeHuman library: humans, hair, clothes

Hi guys,
Now that I’ve finished the ultimate human mesh (, that will be released soon in MakeHuman svn, I’m working on the new base morphings and libraries that will be included in MH alpha 8 (or 9).

The modelling is done entirely in Blender, and it will include anatomy, sculpting, polygonal hair, etc… so I think it can be interesting to post my work in progress here.

The first post is about the morphing, in Blender, of caucasian male aging.

Looks great! I was wondering if you guys used Blender for aspects of MH development, and now I know. Makes sense since the two programs work so well together. I can’t wait for the next iteration of MH, so please keep us informed!

Yes. We use Blender for all. We developed our own tools (in particular maketarget) as Blender GPL’d python scripts.

That’s some powerful stuff.

had the odd play with MH and have been quite amazed at how good it is
wish I had more hours in a day so I could learn all I want(need) to

thanks for this great program

The T-posed characters are from the old series.
New templates improvements:

  • Realistic faces based on age interpolation (the old one was idealistic)
  • Better body in the average status (average muscle tone, average fat percentage)
  • Correct gender differences in body shape (the old body was too much similar for male and female).

Cool stuff Manuel – when can we expect the new version to be released?

New version of the universal base mesh should be committed in our svn in few days, AGPL’d.
New version of MH should be ready for the end of June.

Working on asian eyes. Eyelids need a better fold.
Epicanthic fold need to be improved.

Very interesting topics, can’t wait for this release, thanks.
Love to do morphs too:D!

Asian eyes got upper eyelid fold almost hidden and instead of a bumped surface on the eyebrow area. Also there is a slight crease above the eye boundary. Here a reference that what i do mean

Edit 1: by the way some reference pics of asian people are mistaken because they cheat with make up, an article about this is here:

Thx megastor,
The problem is indeed to define what people expect when they think about Asian eyes.
But reading the article you linked (thank you again), now I’ve no doubts: it should be a single eyelid, that’s more natural asian. Stay tuned for an update.


The new 3d base mesh is officially released in the svn version.
It includes all the morphings for age, weight, muscles and fat percentage.
It’s ready and usable, but we don’t have the new base texture yet, so unfortunately it appears wrongly mapped:


Hi Manuel, i really like your new mesh and I followed the posts over there in the MH blog. Many thanks for this great software and and for taking the effort to enhance it further and further!

Thank you!

I agree. That interface looks like it’s really coming along nicely. And I love the work that you’ve done with the new mesh.

In meantime, the today post: modelling the young male in ethnic variations: caucasian, asian and african.

Hi Manuel, the faces look really good. Are the three children actually the result of morphing from one shape to an other or did you present us modelled stages? I think the morphs don’t change the height?

Must surely be a matter of this perspective but the elbow hinges look a little bit strange to me.

Really nice modelling!

I’ve realized 4 keys for the different age.
I’ll check the elbow, thank you!

You can see the 4 keys in action here:

They are modelled by me.
I’ve realized 4 keys: baby, child, young, old. The image above shows the child serie.
I’ll check the elbow, thank you!

I see lots of work done here :), four ages and on top the three ethnics caucasian, asian and african.