My models are turning strange and unnatural colors!!!

Hello everybody. I recently installed Blender 2.46 beta, and now I my models are turning otherworldly colors. This only occurs when I turn on shaded view, and it doesn’t effect my renders either. If anyone could explain this to me, then I would be very grateful.


i’m not sure why that happens but something similar happened to me when i installed Maya PLE on my macbook

might have to do with the graphics card or something

Yeah I think I would agree with blndr08- different video cards have different ways of rendering and may not be fully compatible with blender… that said, you could try and configure your video card. If you’re on Windows, go to control panel > display > Settings > Advanced and find a tab with the name of your video card (could be nvidia or ati or intel). From here, try and find something like performance options or something… I know for nvidia it’s “Manage 3D settings” There are usually application specific options. Just turn everything down or off or Application controlled… I honestly don’t know if it’ll work but it’s worth a try…

Sorry if you’re on linux or mac os… can’t help you…