My Models!

hi. i’m from Turkey and i started to make some uv/map works in blender.

M1 Carbine
Uruk Sword
Mazda RX8
And i’ve a question. i searched at the forum about symmetrical modelling. i made symmetrical model but when i combine them, symmetry model’s faces be invisible. could someone tell me what i need to do?

I’m guessing the faces are invisible in UV draw mode or whatever it’s called. Alt+Z. This is cause the normals of those faces are facing the opposite way you’d like them too. You should enter edit mode, select all the verts, and press Ctrl+N and click recalulate normals outside. This should fix the problem.

thank you… Crititrozoz. it fixed.

sweet. glad i could help. you’ve got some nice stuff here. keep it up

thank you for comment.

and sorry for bad use of English.

Don’t worry about it man. That car’s lookin nice. Is it still a work in progress?

certainly. i finished the painting(no uv/map). short time after i’ll do some modification.

Nice looking good. Will be nice looking when its done. Best of luck to ya.

as to you :wink:
I forgot to put this.