My mommy said, that there are no monsters ....

but there are !! AND NOW THEY HAVE GUNS AND ARMOR !!!

nuff’ said i think %|

(PREVIEW: Please click on the following image for full view)

this is the final for the infantry unit v1 for my race. it’s quite freaky, isn’t it?

man … the additional armor (shiny stuff) took months to finish, even if it was just 20 hours of work.

the guns took a little bit more time though.

c&c welcome

haha i love it AN][ARES brilliant :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: keep up the blending :stuck_out_tongue:


How clumsy of you to leave those around where any alien can get them :wink: .

Really awesome modeling, and my only crit is: how do they fire? I see no trigger-type mechanism.

Unless it’s just part of the handle, I think there’s a button on the top, by the fingers? I’m probably wrong, though.

the units body is providing the electrical energy for the electro-thermal chemical (ETC) gun, which will replace std rounds in near future. ETC use electrical power to increase the detonation/plasma speed of the propelling charge.

in reality test have already been succesfull. here’s a document of the german company Rheinmetal which made the famous 120mm smooth bore cannon used by Abrams and Leo2 tanks:

the gun doesn’t need any handle because it is controlled by the electrical flow between the grip and the lower arms spike on the back-end.

amazing model and render.

…and damn scary too, in a dark alley at night!

Smooth modeling and great lighting scheme, I also like the material choices.

hahaha! that put’s the predetors in a bad sitiuation about: “do we want alien vs. predator 2”

Great model! This project is coming along well! This render might look better with some cast shadows…?

aye… shadows…

even without AO and shadows this render took 20 minutes. i am currently trying to do a AO render but no ray-shadows. even on my fathers 3.2 Ghz it will take over 1h.

i doing all i can …

have a look at it now… i used AO and shadows

That’s just utterly brilliant. Now, give it a scene, sit back and watch the render time go up exponentially… :stuck_out_tongue:

Great work, AN][ARES! I don’t even want to think about how powerful this alien must be…



haha, when I saw that you posted in finished projects i thought you might have finally made something other then modifing your queen, lol. Great pic!

i know showing old models isnt showing any skill, but the addon took enough time… even if it’s not visible, the guns are high detailed and took about 30h of work (mounting them properly was a hard thing).

and i dont feel ashamed showing a 50h work with some old work especially if the “new” cannot be shown without the old :expressionless:

Ok, I have one problem. Do I understand that you are creating a race of your own? I seem to remember reading some detailed thoughts about them on your website. But there is one thingy I can’t understand:
Why in the world are you using Giger’s aliens? I mean this won’t be your race then, this will be a THE Aliens, armed with guns, and even if it’s meant to be funny, it just doesn’t do it for me, I think I have already placed them in my mind, and they don’t want to move :slight_smile:

I also remember seeing some designs of your own that were inspired by these, but not the same. I think those were cool, but if you use those and the aliens as soldiers or something, it still won’t be yours, and won’t work for me. Of course take this lightly, this is just my opinion, nothing more.
So are you trying to make a comedy on aliens, or what?

This model looks so sweet that you absolutely have to put it in a scene. I will probably have nightmares for weeks afterward…but it’ll be well worth it.


K. This is probably the stupid question to ask on this forum.


Is he off Alien vs Predator? :expressionless:

And excellent modelling. Give it a cool texture. A scene and you got a kick ass render. That should go in the October edition of the gallery. :smiley: :smiley:

Don’t tell me you haven’t seen alien, aliens, alien3, and alien: resurrection, and more, you haven’t even heard of these :slight_smile:

i am using the alien queen model on purpose, which WASN’T made by H.R. Giger but by some artists inspired by Giger. The Queen first appeared in “Aliens” and Giger wasnt involved in this move in any way.
This is stated on Giger fanpages and in the DVD set.

the reason why i use it, is because i am an Alien fanatic and it looks cool. i’ve chosen the queen over the drone because of all the sexual cliches it contains. the queen doesnt look that phallic and i also left out the inner mouth.

maybe the concept was made by somebody else, but i made the model myself so i can use it for anything i want as long as i am not making money with it. making money would certainly create some trouble with Paramount Pictures.

The design should be in no way funny.

I also remember seeing some designs of your own that were inspired by these, but not the same. I think those were cool, but if you use those and the aliens as soldiers or something, it still won’t be yours, and won’t work for me. Of course take this lightly, this is just my opinion, nothing more.
So are you trying to make a comedy on aliens, or what?

Anything except for the queen is mine … i dont understand your logic. just because i use the queen doesnt mean that everything connected with it belongs to somebody else.

I dont think that anybody on this earth created exactly something like this(Click for full view):

And no i am not trying to make comedy on Aliens. The main purpose is to explain many of the mysteries around Aliens by including them in my race. Where they came from, why they are like they are and so on. There’s one theory about Aliens which states that they might be a designed race used as biological weapon. This theory inspired me to use them as my infantry unit.

But i accept your critic and can nevertheless understand it :slight_smile:
Would be bad if everybody saw things the same way :wink:

And to all the other for the scene thing. I will do scenes for these, but they will require a lot of time and work. My studies on computer sciene start next week and thus there will be no time left for doing really great things i think. I was very productive in my holidays anyway :slight_smile:

Ok, I understand. all I wanted to say is that I wouldn’t feel like the race was my creation if centered around someone else’s concept. My problem is basicly that you armed the alien, especially you armed a queen, while it isn’t in the movies, so if you want to explain it’s origin, why not leave it intact, or arm it with weapons that don’t require her holding it, since it’s something which clearly couldn’t be done with the original queen, they were not designed to fight with weapons, if they were designed. Of course you can say that they have evolved since then, but the aliens are like ants, they are r-strategists, which means their survival depends on quantity, instead of quality, which in my mind would conflict with the use of sophisticated weapons, no matter how designed they are. Also, what we know of them would also conflict with that.
As I said this is just why I thought you were making a comedy on them, sorry.
O, and I forgot, your modelling skills are amazing. I also have your queen file, and it’s the best modelled I have seen done in blender.