My morning promenade

Until now ive only made movie clips that lasted for a couple of seconds. This clip however is a whooping 2:25! (Also i learned how to add sound)

It was my way to school (before i moved). Supposed to have some sort of cartoon/architect miniature-theme. Varying the houses was a pain, but i think my biggest effort was the camera movement. After staring at this for a week i can spot every little mistake i made, but whats your overall impression?

Love the concept but, I’m not gonna lie, I turned the music off.
Do you really have that many trees where you live?

Thank you. (I though everyone would love the music! Oh well…)
And actually there are even more trees, but at some point i decided to have “a few” big ones to represent a gazilion of small ones. It does look a bit crowded though. Also I may have replaced a few hedges and bushes with trees (I used aerial photos for reference, and I can safely say that we have more bushes and hedges than that)

Wow. How long did that take to render?

I disagree, I actually loved the music, hehe… And yes, Omnamah, Sweden is one big forest compared to the UK. (*) :smiley:

But the movie was really cool. Love the idéa, the style & the music. :smiley:

(*) Just for fun, check satellite view in Google maps, just zoom down anywhere in Sweden accept the absolute most southern part and you’ll end up in a forest. Almost, hehe… So much for the deforestation I was scared into believing in back in school back in the 70-80’s. We were basically told Sweden and the rest of the world would be open fields & deserts in 25 years, hehe… ;D

very cool movie dude
its sad that you put so much effort in this and you didnt get that much feedback…
I have almost nothing to critique its a amazing idea Funny story with that tree thing :) but to be honest too i didnt like the music that much … but it gave me some sort of funny feeling
Overall I like it.

3-4 days in total (not counting the re-rendering whenever i discovered a floating tree or that i’d turned of some layer) i think.

Thank you. (Im satisfied with the feedback Im getting so far!)
With the three comments regarding the music (Counting Farmfield on my side) it would seem so far that the music gets a 50/50 between love and hate. And here i thought i would only learn about Blender, but what do you know. I could have sworn that everyone would love bitpop (To be honest, I’ve had indications before that this is not the case)