This isnt a joke, im not just some kid who thinks he is a hot shot, I know its going to be a massive PITA and it will take tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of hours, but I am working on creating a MORPG that is similar to EQ. It is going to be a massive world with elaborate dungeons, dozens of playable races and classes, and a world filled with hundreds of different types of creatures. It is going to be oldschool style like Everquest was in 1999. This game is going to be awesome, but its also going to probably take several years to complete. I had no idea that blender had a game engine which would allow me to do everything that I wanted to do. I still can’t believe all of this is free. This is going to eventually became a MMORPG and will bring MMORPGS back to their roots.

This isnt a joke, im not just some kid who thinks he is a hot shot
Yes you are.
No this will not be a massive game.
You have nothing to show.
You know nothing of game design.
You are some kid who thinks he actually has patience for this.
You think you are a hot shot.
You don’t even know what the hell networking is.
You are an early teenager/tween.
You fail.
I can’t believe you haven’t gotten flamed for this yet.
I also can’t believe this is in the “Artwork” section.

Lol! I am a noob myself, buy I think getting people to believe that you are good at something (in this case modeling/scriptint/etc), would be a lot easier if you showed some of your work. At this stage there’s nothing too see… :frowning:

A year, fully employed, is about 2000 hours. Your hundreds of thousands of hours to make game costs fifty years per hundred thousand hours. Do you think Everquest will even be remembered in 2108? 2158? Or whenever it’s finished?

Please, read the stickies.

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Or you could get 50 people to work for 2000 hours and pay them 30K. That’s only 1.5m and it could be done in a year:confused: Don’t listen to the naysayers.

I didn’t think the Blender game engine was capable of supporting online multi player. If it can, best of luck, though I don’t really see the advantage of trying to recreate something that is already exists. If people wanted to play a game “like EQ”, they’d play eq.

Why don’t you show us what you have so far, show us what you plan to do, and move this thread to the game engine WIP

This must be a joke… it has happened before that people made fake accounts and pulled pranks on the forums, can’t see why it shouldn’t be possible right now :smiley:

Guys, let this topic RIP now. It’s obvious he’s a smart-fart so there’s no reason to continue in here. Some mod could swing the lock-stick please?

You fail

couldn’t have said it better myself:rolleyes:

Look young sir.

For a game that you want to be big and successfull and to be fully detailed, you would need effort coming in from many sides, you would need to have a massive team and be spending all your time and money on this. Even if you want to make a game that is free, it is going to cost you. If not mony, it will cost you time and effort.
The team you would need would have to be somewhat large. They would all have to be willing to put thier time into it and they would all need to get along and work together. From experience in previous projects that have been intended to be big and successfull, none of them have been. Because in the real world not everyone can spend all thier time working on something like this, not every one will get on with each other and not everyone will be able to do what they say they can do. Some people will have to leave and others will give up.
To make the game worth making you would have to know for sure that you were going to get user interest and have many people playing and contributing. You would need to prove yourself first, you will need to go away and work on some things yourself before people can take you seriously. You need to have a portfolio and proof that you can do what you want to do and not just that. For a project as big as this you would need to not only be able to prove that you can do it but that you can be a good team leader and that you can keep everyone together, which brings me back to the point about a massive team. You will need to be able to keep track of many people and parts of the game. For this to be a success it has to be better than what is out there allready. Not a clone, not “In the style of” but something original and something better than what is already out there.
The way you are proposing it now, there is nothing that makes me and probably many others think “Yes. I should join this. It will be a success”, it seems to be about you and your dream right now and you should think about why we should want to take part in your dream. Remember the human race is a very selfish race. We all want to some degree what is best for us and not allways for others. This is where war comes from. Think.

What I would suggest you do is go away, take a few steps back and think about this and possibly come back in a year or so (maybe longer) with proof that you are cabable of managing a project like this. Come back with a portfolio. And most importantly come back with something that others will want to join. Not your dream, not what you want. More, What can I or anyone joining get out of it. Why is it in out interest to join, why should we give our time and effort up for this?

Think sir, and come back later once you have carefully thought it over. I do not expect to see a reply to this any time soon. I hope that should you stay set on this that you can prove yourself first and that you can.

Thankyou for reading,
-James (oblenob)

edit: Personalising this soo much by putting the title as my MMORPG really doesnt help.

pleas stop telling him that he will fail. :frowning: i made a game a tower defence game quite big and i startet by telling pll the same as he did and thay said i would fail to… and my game turn out good. and blender dident make so as you can make game for fun. :S

There is a huge difference between an mmorpg and a tower defense game…

There’s also a huge difference between being able to fill in all spots in a game project and having just a dream. If you want to take on a big project ( as I do since 3 years now ) you have to know programming down to the dirty parts from experience… you have to be able to produce game content at your own and you have to have a design document at hand that members can work with. With MMOs though you get another factor on top and this is money. Running an MMO server farm costs big time buckets. People just don’t get how much goes into an MMO. Large projects by itself are not doomed to fail. In the realm of modding there are a couple of TCs ( total conversions ) which are very impressive but here money is the biggest show stopper. So please folks, stop dreaming of MMOs. Not only are they totally overrated ( see how many MMOs are out there nowadays and how many of those are worth a fucking dime ) but they are also something even professionals choke first before taking a stab ( and MMOs fail or run sub-optimal often ).

I don’t tell you to give up or anything but please go first for a modding project. Take a game you have and like. Tinker with it and try to change content as well as game mechanics. Once you have that done you have a better view of the game making process. Then you can think over your project and chances are a non-MMO version of your idea is even more funny than an MMO one ( private servers give more exposure than a single MMO server farm ). Playing together can be as funny with 8 people as with 1000. So have a nice day.

30k? where’s a kid going to get that kind of money? he should obviously just enslave mexicans to make the game for him. At 10 cents an hour, it would only come out to about 10k. If that doesn’t work out you could always just buy some trained monkeys…

I’ve always wanted to make a Tower defense game…Dont know much about scripting and the GE…

But yeah…just aheads up…Dont post anything untill you have some stuff to show…like maybe the people some weapons and a small city…Then post what you have…People MIGHT(probably not) will help…But i dont think Blender can handle a MMORPG…maybe you could do a small RPG game…but yeah.

Also dont get offended by what these people are saying…Its the truth.

If you DO make this game…I will mail you 1,000 U.S dollars!

Good lucky buddy

Unfortunately I would have to agree with everyone, I think that some of what you want could be done, but not all. Also if your serious about this I suggest you start posting some concept or beginnings, otherwise everyone is not going to believe you. Like lilgrudgeboy said, don’t post until you have something to show.