My most recently stuff

(Poju) #1

Well i post few pics here so i don’t pollute this place with my stuff too much :slight_smile:

First that my bear scene. I uploaded whole thingy so somebody or everybody can anim it or something so here is pic:

and .blend: (it includes textures i used but you must set them paths right)

Second my first body wip wich might never be finnished: (there is few pic and divx avi)

Third and most recent (made it last knight). I’m thinking to take it to CGTalk this month challenge wich is about God’s:

Other render little playing with sequence editor and z-blur:

Comments and specially critique is needed atleast about that God creature

(SKPjason) #2

What a cute bear pic… I just love the textures you used for the snow terrain. Magnificent…

I tried to look at the “God” pic but I kept getting a 404…

The Louhi blurglow pic was just fantastic. Neato model.


(S68) #3


High quality stuff, as usual from you.

Whe will the harpy be finished?

(stephen2002) #4

the bears are pretty neat looking, however that entire scene kinda looks like it was made out of play-doug.

It all looks pretty good.