My movie is done, but I need a temporary host

My movie, Legend of the Black Dragon is finished! :smiley: Unfortunately, My webhost is down. :frowning: can anyone temporarily host it for me? (1 week at most)

Just set up a sub-ftp accout for me, and I will upload it. :slight_smile:

um…cant you just use ?

they only have like 1kbps downloading. And my main webhost’s server is down, which really sucks. :x

How big is it?

55 MB.

i’ll host it for u…email me [email protected]

Uh, my email won’t allow filesizes over 2 MB.

(I think he’ll give you ftp information or something via email… rather than a public forum)

Yay! My server came online! Now I can upload my movie! :smiley: